Magic night

Harms mystical in all the countries, from time immemorial, always gave place to great number of magic practices: one braids crosses of Midsummer's Day, one preserves the firebrands and ashes of the hearth, the candles of white bubble, one looks at fire through a bouquet the dauphinelles ones, one passes 7 times the fennel in fire, one manufactures a marvellous powder starting from plants to make dance the girls, one preserves demons and from the wizards, one will gather grasses magic and medicinal, one rolls oneself in the dew...
Since always, in Catalonia, one speaks about the quatres plants entering daN the composition of the "ramellet of Sant Joan"
Yellow arsenic or death-I-viu
The immortal one or sempreviva
the millepertuis or perico groc
The walnut tree or will noguera

Between midnight and rising of the sun, each year, returns the mysticism of night and the traditions of the nature.Bien of the habits and the traditions were transmitted to the symbolic system of the four elements nature:

Water; of always, Midsummer's Day was related to the symbolic system of water: morning ablutions, crossings of rivers by the herds... il was of tradition to roll itself naked in the dew of the morning... This year, leave to research the alchémille and drink the invaluable dewdrops distributed on the circumference of the sheets  as formerly the alchemists did it.

Fire  :Midsummer's Day is the festival of the summer solstice
One finds this symbolic system in the plants since all the grasses of Midsummer's Day are plants related to the sun.