The International Committee of fires of Midsummer's Day, flame of Canigou

Message of the flame of Canigou

    *  23juin: This evening, we set out again present, solitary to the thousands of other blazing infernos which will ignite with the flame of Canigou.Un large human relay traced ways of light, with emotion, enthusiasm and love, made vibrate million hearts.
    * Here, a part of this fraternal chain summons us, of love, peace, and of unit, for all the Catalan countries. The flame is a message of hope and hope; with it, let us crystallize our energy:       

- so that never the heart of our fathers dies.
- so that never the love of our ground dies, proud of its thousand years of history.
- so that quite high our colors blood and gold float, of which we are the ambassadors.
Let us be the guards of our culture and our traditions, thus we will build our future for a better future...
How this night of Midsummer's Day brings to all, joy, hope and happiness!

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